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2023 has a feel of optimism about it for Club activities. Perhaps as escapism from BBC and ITV news doom from the newsrooms, car meets and car clubs like ours seem to have countless events already going ahead, and the high attendance levels by motor enthusiasts countrywide is fantastic to see.

My aim for the year is continued growth of the Club membership coupled with more SMC social events, closer links with our local charities, businesses and clubs. Looking towards the next Stow Motor Show on 6th July 2024 we will also have a robust Show plan in place by the end of 2023.

If you haven't yet joined,drop us an email (details are at the end of the Home page) or fill in the form on the Contact page. We are a Motor Club, so anything powered is welcome; trucks, motorbikes, tractors, planes and military vehicles are all included.

I hope to see you at many meetings and events in 2023.

Paul Evans

Stow Motor Club Chairman


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