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This Cotswold based club is for all those interested in motorised vehicles.  We invite owners of all types of car and motorcycle, those with commercial, agricultural or military vehicles, big or small, to consider joining.  We encourage those with simply an interest in these vehicles to join, and we welcome families at all our events.  Indeed, the Club is intended not just for individuals but for their families and children. 

We run events throughout the year, including drives out, lectures in Stow, regular socials etc.  However a major focus of our calendar is the biennial Stow Motor Show, organised by the Club.  The next Show is provisionally on 6th July, 2024 in Stow. 


Like the Club itself, the philosophy for the Motor Show is broad-ranging and we welcome exhibitors with all types of vehicle – cars and bikes new and old, trucks, tractors, tanks – with the emphasis on classics, in fact anything that can move under its own steam!  We’ve yet to have a lawn mower exhibited but, should someone wish to bring one, we would be delighted!


​Stow Motor Club Membership is £2 per month single, or £3 per month for couples. Renewable annually 31st March.

If you would like to join please email with the word   “Membership” in the subject line.

Images from the 2022 Show

Pictures of the 2022 Motor Show are on the Motor Show 2022 & More Motor Show 2022 pages. Do also check out the show compere's video.

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